Bumerang Armored Personnel Carrier

The Bumerang (Russian: Бумеранг, Boomerang) is an amphibious wheeled armored personnel carrier being developed for the Russian Army.
Voyenno-Promyshlennaya Kompaniya, the company making the Bumerang, claims it “will be nothing like any of the modern APCs.” Many details about its design have not been released, but it is known that the vehicle will be amphibious and be able to negotiate and overcome water obstacles using two waterjets. In a departure with the previous BTR series of vehicles, the engine will be located in the front instead of the rear. Engine location was a significant drawback of BTR vehicles, where soldiers had to exit the vehicles through cramped side doors. The Bumerang has rear doors and roof hatches for troop entry and exit. It will likely have a crew of three consisting of the driver, gunner, and commander and hold seven troops. Armament will be a remote weapon station fitted with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun or a 30 mm cannon. Protection will come from ceramic armor and technologies to prevent shell splinters. Like BTRs, the Bumerang will be an 8×8 wheeled vehicle, and will be equipped with a 500 hp turbocharged diesel engine. Several components and subsystems will be interchangeable between the Bumerang APC and Kurganets-25 IFV, and both vehicles will be powered by the same engine.
The Bumerang is referred to as “a combat wheeled vehicle” because it will serve several different roles, similar to American Stryker Brigade Combat Teams. Other vehicle platform variations will fulfill different roles in addition to armored transport, including as an armored ambulance, command post vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle, anti-tank missile carrier, air defense missile launcher, fire support vehicle, and mortar carrier.[1] Further versions could include a light tank and a self-propelled gun.


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