Top 7 Most Elite Special Forces

We’ve talked pretty extensively about the military before – covering a wide range of topics like their technology, programs, infrastructures – even personnel – but nothing quite compares to the power of an organized elite special force. Requiring the best of the best – and often fictionally portrayed on screen by intimidating actors like Sylvester Stallone or Chuck Norris – these soldiers are held to the highest requirements of training, with mastery of their craft a prerequisite to even dream of being PART of a group. Tough guy actors may portray them on the silver screen, but these hardcore soldiers take a whole lot more than a good agent and a muscled up body. From big and bold units to the quietest of rescue and stealth teams, let’s take a look at seven of the most impressive special operative forces.
7 – GIGN
6 – Sayeret Matkal
5 – EKO-Cobra
4 – Delta Force
3 – Alpha Group
2 – Navy SEALs
1 – SAS


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