Kia KM450 Light Utility Vehicle

The Kia KM450 is a light 4×4 multipurpose all-terrain military truck. It is a modern license-produced version of the US M715, designed in the mid-1960s. The KM450 was first introduced in 1998. This military vehicle is in service with South Korea Army and has been exported to some countries.
The baseline version is a troop/cargo carrier. It offers substantially more room and hauling capacity, than the smaller Kia KM420. This military vehicle has a payload capacity of 1 530 kg on hard surface roads and 1 330 kg on cross-country terrain. It cal also tow light trailers or artillery pieces.
Cab of the KM450 accommodates driver and one passenger. It has an open top, covered with canvas cover. The windshield can be folded down for added combat versatility.
The slated cargo body walls also serve as troop seats when folded down, accommodating up to 12 fully-armed troops. Troop/cargo area is covered with removable bows and canvas cover. It is estimated that 500 Korean KM450 series vehicles have been fitted with a basic armor kit.
The Kia KM450 is powered by a D4DA 3.9-liter diesel engine, developing 139 hp. It is coupled with manual transmission. Despite similar appearance to the M715, the KM450 series trucks are different in a number of areas, including mechanical systems. The Kia KM450 military truck features a sturdy full grille guard to protect the front from damage.


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