Engesa EE-25 General Utility Truck

he Engesa EE-25 series first appeared during the early 1970s and over the years has been powered by a variety of engines, the Mercedes-Benz engine is the latest of a line that includes Chrysler and Perkins units. The series is also unusual in being produced with both 4×4 and 6×6 drive configurations with the 4×4 version being the original version. Both have the same payload characteristics and can carry up to 5 000 kg on roads. Both versions usually have a vinyl-topped cab and a vinyl tilt over bows covering the cargo area. The EE-25 has been exported widely outside Brazil, where it is used for commercial as well as military purposes.
Many Engesa EE-25 general utility trucks have been sold in the Middle East and a significant number were delivered to Angola. The Angolan versions feature a strengthened chassis frame and body work changes, plus the addition of an air cleaner to the side of the bonnet.
Libya has been another customer with their examples including a 4×4 NBC decontamination variant. Numerous other variants have been produced including an ambulance, crash and fire tenders, a recovery version, fuel and water tankers, mobile workshops and van-bodied models used for command and communications. A shelter-carrying version was also available.
The 6×6 versions all feature the Engesa boomerang rear axle with its walking beam suspension which enables the EE-25 to cross very rough terrain while keeping the load platform relatively stable.


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