Komatsu LAV Armored Scout Car

The Japanese Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) was designed by Komatsu in the late 1990s. It entered service with Japan’s Ground Self Defense Forces in 2002. More than 1 000 of these scout cars were built. Japan is the only operator of this armored vehicle, as Japan’s laws do not allow export of weapons and military equipment.
Generally the Komatsu LAV can be compared with the Panhard VBL. Vehicle has a welded steel armor. It is claimed that its armor protection is better than that of uparmored HMMWV. Some armored scout cars are fitted with unordinary roof-mounted shielding. An opened split roof hatch provides added protection from both sides.
The Komatsu LAV can be armed with 5.56-mm, 12.7-mm machine guns or anti-tank guided missiles.
This 4×4 vehicle is powered by a diesel engine, developing 160 hp. Engine is moved closer to the vehicle’s center to distribute weight more evenly between the axles. It is fitted with run-flat tyres. This armored scout car can be carried underslung or inside some military helicopters. It can be also airdropped from transport aircraft using parachute platform.


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