Panhard TC54 General Utility Truck

The Panhard TC54 general utility truck was developed specifically for Saudi-Chinese artillery programme. The first order comprised 50 trucks. These were planned to enter service with the Saudi Arabia until 2011. These trucks are used to support field artillery units, equipped with Chinese 155-mm howitzers. Another country, which ordered 80 of these military trucks is Togo.
This truck is a derivative of the Ashok Leyland Stallion. It is worth mentioning that the Ashok Leyland is one of India’s biggest vehicle manufacturers.
Vehicle has a payload capacity of 5 000 kg. It is the best payload/vehicle weight ratio in this class. The TC54 can carry more than it weights itself.
Vehicle is powered by a Steyr diesel engine, developing 215 hp and is fitted with Czech manual gearbox. Vehicle can be fitted with armored cab, which provides protection against landmines and IEDs. Cab has a V-shaped floor and deflects mine blasts. It can also be fitted with remotely controlled weapon station.
The Panhard TC54 is available in different versions, including troop carrier, supply vehicle, shelter carrier, command post vehicle.


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