Russian S-400 vs S-500 Comparison: Top 5 Facts

S-400 Triumf entered service in 2007 , and many experts consider it the best air defense system.
S-500 prometey is currently being developed by russia’s almaz-antey company and is expected to be deployed by end of 2017.
S-400 and S-500 are descendants of legendary s 300 system ,and employs the same ‘hit and run’ concept by being land mobile.
S-500 is expected to have the same major components as it predecessors and described as follows.

S-500 takes it to next level , improving on all major parameters.
Range : 400 km.2 600 km
max simultaneous target engagement : 6 10
response time : 9-10 sec 3-4 sec
anti ballistic missile engagement: short to medium icbm
intended use: all types of threats high value targets
engagement type : hit to kill hit to kill & nuclear
The radar is expected be more powerful and has many features specifically designed to overcome countermeasures and stealth.
Like S-400 , S-500 will field different types of missile to neutralize different kinds of threats.

S-500 is not intended to replace S-400 , but is act in collaboration with it.
It is designed for intercepting high value strategic targets like intercontinental ballistic missiles and for air defense against airborne early warning and control and jamming aircraft.
S-500 will be deployed to protect critical locations like major population centers & military infrastructure .
In integrated air defense systems environment , s 500 will hook up with other system including S-400 to form a complex network of air defense umbrella.

while the S-400 is designed to defend against short and medium range missiles, the S-500 will be designed to combat even intercontinental ballistic missiles or icbms.
General director of the Almaz-antey corporation Igor Ashurbeili:
for interception of ballistic missiles, the S-500 will “mostly” use nuclear warheads because these can destroy “the entire cloud of incoming warheads with no need to determine true threats from dummies”.
As per some sources, the S-500 system can detect ballistic missile at a range of 2 000 km and warheads of ballistic missiles at a range of 1 300 km. It can defeat ballistic missiles before their warheads re-enter atmosphere.
Due to the massive range of S-500, experts believe it will be able to take out low-orbit satellites acting as anti satellite weapon.

S-400 & the upcoming S 500 will form the backbone of russia’s air defense. The systems pose a genuine threat to enemy aircrafts including the 5th generation fighters like f 35 and f 22.
S-500 also has the potential to change the strategic equilibrium by giving the moscow the ability to intercept even icbm.


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