BAZ-6402 Tractor Truck

The BAZ-6402 is a high mobility tractor truck. It is a member of BAZ Voschina family of heavy military vehicles. The BAZ-6909 is a baseline model of this family. There is a high degree of commonality between various trucks of this family. Development of this family was funded by the Russian MoD.
The BAZ-6402 was designed to tow semi-trailers on all kinds of roads. Also it can operate over rough terrain and in remote areas. It is a purpose-designed military vehicle. It was adopted by Russian armed forces.
This tractor truck can tow semi-trailers with loads with fuel tanks, air defense radars, air defense missiles and other special equipment with a maximum weight of 15 000 kg. The BAZ-6402 is used as a prime mover to tow special semi trailers with Russian S-400 air defense missiles.
A forward control cab accommodates driver and two passengers. It seems that the cab can be fitted with add-on armor kit.
The BAZ-6402 is powered by a YaMZ-8424.10 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 470 hp. Engine is located behind the cab. It allowed to reduce height of the vehicle and prevent engine and cooling system from damage and blockage with mud. Vehicle has a 6×6 configuration with all-wheel drive. It is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. This prime mover can be airlifted by An-22, An-124 or Il-76 transport aircraft.
There is also a BAZ-6403 tank transporter with 8×8 configuration. It was developed as a private venture to meet a possible Russian Army requirement. It can tow semi trailers with tanks, artillery systems and other military loads with a maximum weight of 52 000 kg. However this vehicle received no production orders. Some sources report that BAZ is developing an even more capable tractor truck with 10×10 configuration.


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