Sisu E11T 6×6 Heavy Utility Truck

The Sisu E11T is a high mobility tactical vehicle, designed for northern conditions. Sometimes it is referred as the Sisu HMTV. It was developed in cooperation with Finnish Defense Forces and is intended for a wide variety of applications. The first example was revealed in 1998. Production commenced in Finland the same year. Around 250 of these trucks were delivered to the Finnish Defense Forces.
This heavy truck is entirely conventional in design. It combines excellent on road and off-road mobility with large payload capacity under extreme climatic and terrain conditions. It has a payload capacity of 15 000 kg. It can also tow trailers or artillery pieces. Vehicle can accommodate a variety of bodies. The base troop/cargo model can transport up to 30 troops.
A forward control cab is supplied by Renault and militarized by Sisu. It provides seating for driver and one passenger and is fitted with a sleeper berth. A third seat is optional. This cab tilts forward for engine access and maintenance. Add-on armor kit is proposed as an option. It provides protection against small arms fire.
The Sisu E11T uses standard Sisu or other commercially available components to reduce operating costs. Vehicle has a purpose-designed chassis. Critical components are located in protected areas. This military truck is powered by a Cummins M11-380 E / 4-T turbocharged diesel engines, developing 380 hp and 405 hp respectively. Finnish army vehicles are fitted with the 405 hp engine. This military truck has a full-time all-wheel drive.
The Sisu E11T is also available with 8×8 drive configuration. Another variant is the E12T 6×6 truck, developed for export customers.


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