NATO Seeks More Influence in the Black Sea

Since the thousands of 14 the balance of the naval power in the Black Sea has shifted Moscow has exploded its position on the Crimean Peninsula building up its read strength in the sea. The strategic importance of the waters has written the NATO allies as a block seeks to bolster is deterrence against Russia in Europe to counter Russia’s presence. NATO member states after going to join NATO naval force in the Black Sea. Following the growth of naval presence in programs and the Baltic States and other measures to expand the airline’s dispersants in the region but this NATO contemplates enhancing its forces in the black seen it must contend with the constraint set by the 9036 montreux convention regarding the regime of the s traits the back to impose limits our nation’s to do not bother the Black Sea restricting the tonnage of warships as well as aggregate tonnage numbers of vessels and duration of stay for any single nation however native could circumvent those jurisdictions by building its fleet, which ships on several nations and using force rotations network will also be non-member States romanian turkey which are largely accepted from the conventions restrictions to bulk up a black sea fleet in terms of sheer. numbers of ships Russia does not have the upper hand in the Black Sea. However Russia as many other military advantages that help make up for it smaller fleet size including naval aviation and overall aviation assets that is good to ask for blacks emissions. It also possesses long range and our ship cruise missile batteries that can
1:42reach millions of the Black Sea. Russia has used its position on the Crimean Peninsula to build up these advantages and it is in the process of substantially modernizing its black sea forces indeed Moscow can no longer rely on the montreux convention and midnight or tends to increase the presence in the region. However Russia’s position on the Crimean Peninsula gives it considerable advantages and Moscow can work to explode the divisions within the NATO alliance to press those advantages
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