BR90 Modular Bridging System

The BAE Systems Modular Bridging System is known in the British Army as BR90. BR90 is the longest, fastest and most flexible tactical bridging system available.
The Bridging for the 90’s system (BR 90) is a modular system of bridge components that can be used to form both close support bridging and general support bridging bridges. the modular design allows damaged panels to be replaced.
Close Support Bridges These are carried on the TITAN Armoured Vehicle Launching Bridge (AVLB) or the Tank Bridge Transporter (TBT).
The Tank Bridge Transporter This has the same cross-country performance as a tank when loaded. It can carry 1 No 10 bridge or 2 No 12 bridges. It can drop off a load of bridges independently, but it cannot recover them. This is no major limitation because bridges are usually left or destroyed in place.
No 10 Bridge The No 10 bridge is a scissor type bridge that can be quickly launched and deployed by TITAN however it is not very long and can not cross water itself.
No 11 Bridge The No 11 bridge is an ‘over and up’ bridge. It can be launched very quickly (adopt 15 minutes) and is made up from 2 ramp sections of BR90.
No 12 Bridge The No 12 Bridge is ‘up and over’ bridge. It is the only CSB that does not use the BR90 components. Two can be carried in by 1 TITAN (AVLB), but are launched and recovered separately.
Combination Bridging An attachment for the No 10 bridge called a trestle can be used to enable greater spans to be achieved. Using a trestle multiple bridges can be used in combination. This has been proven popular in Afghanistan when rivers are often very wide however since 2005 heavier bridges have been used.


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