Terrier Armoured Digger

Terrier is a unique platform that combines leading combat vehicle strength with the ability to perform a huge variety of engineering tasks on the battlefield. Agile, adaptable and robust, it can carry out a multitude of roles in the most demanding conditions. The Terrier vehicle is an air-transportable armoured combat engineer vehicle for the Royal Engineers. It is being developed as a replacement vehicle for the FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor used by the British Army.
The vehicle will weigh about 30 tonnes, light enough to be air transportable by C-17 Globemaster III or Airbus A400M.
A clam shell front bucket and side mounted excavator arm will allow the vehicle to perform earth moving and obstable removing tasks. It will have mine protection and can be operated by remote control from up to 1,000 m (3,300 ft) in dangerous environments such as mine clearance. In normal operations it will have a crew of two. It will have enhanced modular armour and will be faster at up to 70 km per hour and more mobile than the FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor, and will have 360 degree day and night vision systems.
The contract to design and build the vehicle was won by BAE Systems Land and Armaments in the UK in July 2002.
Other companies have been subcontracted to provide expertise in specific areas. These companies, together with an indication of their involvement, include:
GKN Aerospace: innovative fuel system
Caterpillar Inc.: powerpacks and C18 Caterpillar 700 bhp engine
Corus: fabricated hull


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