M87 Orkan Multiple Launch Rocket System

The M-87 Orkan is a Yugoslavian self-propelled multiple rocket launcher. The generic M-87 project was configured with 12 launch tubes mounted on a FAP 2832 truck. It has a range of about 50 to 120 km, able to deliver warheads, anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. Very few of these were ever built, The production of Orkan M-87 ceased in the early 1990s due to break-up of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
The FAP 2832 vehicle with its base platform is fitted with a central tyre pressure regulation system which is operated by the driver from within the cab, and to provide a more stable firing platform four stabilisers are lowered to the ground by remote control one at either side to the rear of the second roadwheel and two at the very rear. When travelling, the launcher is traversed to the front and the whole launcher is covered by a tarpaulin cover with integral bows.
The rocket is 4.6 metres long and it is packed in a glass-ceramic housing and transported by the vehicle. Rockets are re-loaded by the FAP 3232 with a built-in crane. The rocket speed is 1000 m/s. Extended range rockets are 4.88 m long and weigh 404 kg. Extended range rockets are produced for a new Serbian version of the Orkan by Edepro Belgrade. A battery of 4 launchers with 16 barrels and 192 rockets cover a target area of 3–4 km².


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