Rosomak Armored Personnel Carrier

The KTO Rosomak (KTO for Kołowy Transporter Opancerzony – pol. Wheeled Armored Vehicle; Rosomak is Polish for Wolverine) is 8×8 multi-role military vehicle produced by WZM S.A. (Wojskowe Zakłady Mechaniczne Spółka Akcyjna w Siemianowicach Śląskich – lit. Military Mechanical Works Joint Stock Company in Siemianowice Śląskie). The vehicle is a licensed variant of Patria’s Armored Modular Vehicle.
The XC-360P Rosomak (wolverine) armored personnel carrier is a Polish license-produced version of the Finnish Patria AMV. This APC is locally built in Poland, however the most important components come from Finland. The Polish Wojskowe Zaklady Mechaniczne company has the rights to produce and marketing the vehicle to both Polish MoD and foreign customers until 2023.
The Polish Land Forces contingent, which was a part of the International Security Assistance Force operated over 100 KTO Rosomak vehicles (including 5 medivac) during the Afghanistan War. The APC’s were equipped with additional steel-composite armor. In early 2008 a Polish Rosomak serving in Afghanistan (the version with upgraded armor) was attacked by the Taliban. The vehicle was hit by two RPG-7 rockets, but it managed to fire back and then returned to base without any help required. In June 2008 a Rosomak was attacked by Taliban and was hit in its frontal armor with a RPG. The armour was not penetrated. In 2009 the first soldier was reported killed while inside a Rosomak, after an improvised explosive device exploded under the vehicle; which rolled over and crushed the gunner sitting in the open turret, similar attacks had occurred before, but without casualties.


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