T-72M2 Moderna Main Battle Tank

The T-72M2 Moderna is a Slovakian upgrade of the Soviet T-72 main battle tank. The T-72M was license-produced in the former Czechoslovakia. First prototype of the T-72M2 Moderna was revealed in 1993. Development of this tank is completed. Indigenous tank design, based on the Russian T-72M1, with new night vision and thermal devices, improved armour (up to 650 mm) and anti-radiation cladding, rubber side skirts, C4I and IR suppression coating.
The T-72M2 Moderna has improved protection. The tank is fitted with DYNAS explosive reactive armor. The second prototype is fitted with a cage armor that provides protection against RPG rounds. The tank has a laser warning receiver. It notifies when the tank is illuminated by a laser beam and identifies direction of the threat. Then smoke grenades can be discharged to hide the tank. The tank is fitted with new automatic fire suppression system.
The tank is fitted with a modernized 2A45MS 125-mm smoothbore gun. The gun is fitted with an autoloader.


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