Gaucho Fast attack vehicle

The Gaucho is a fast attack vehicle. It is named after a native South American tribe. It was jointly developed by Argentina and Brazil. Development began in 2004. It was developed using readily available components in order to reduce development time and production costs. Argentina was responsible for the development of chassis, transmission, suspension and steering. Brazil was responsible for engine, transmission, transfer case, fuel, electrical, brake and cooling systems, armament and accessories. A prototype was publicly revealed in 2006. It seems that production began in 2006. Production vehicles were planned to be used by both countries. However Brazilian Army have lost interest in the Gaucho in favor of indigenous Chivunk. So the joint project was stopped in 2011. Currently the only operator of the Gaucho is Argentina that fielded 100 units. The Gaucho is being proposed for export customers. In 2012 this vehicle was delivered to Uruguay for trials and evaluation.
The Gaucho has a frame of tubular construction with built-in roll cage. This vehicle is essentially a buggy, that combines high speed and good cross-country mobility. It is intended for scouting, special operations and hit-and-run style raids.
Vehicle has a crew of 4, including the driver. A baseline Gaucho has a doorles open-topped body. However there is a version with doors and roof, and another lightly armored version. Some vehicles are fitted with a roof-mount for a 7.62-mm machine gun.
The Gaucho is powered by an MWM 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine. It is worth noting that MWM International Motores is a Brazilian subsidiary of Navistar International, producing diesel engines for Latin America. Engine is mounted at the front. Vehicle has selectable 4×2 or 4×4 drive. It has great mobility on all kinds of terrain. A replacement wheel is carried at the rear.
Form the very beginning the Gaucho has been developed as an air transportable vehicle for airmobile units. One Gaucho can be stacked on another in order to save space. This combination of two vehicle can be airlifted by a C-130 Hercules or similar military cargo aircraft. Also a single Gaucho can be paradropped.
There are different versions of the Gaucho, including a medical evacuation version.


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