Polonez Multiple Launch Rocket System

The Polonez is a new Belarusian multiple launch rocket system. It was developed to replace older Soviet 220-mm Uragan and 300-mm Smerch artillery rocket systems. It is likely that development of the Polonez was assisted by China. It strongly resembles the latest Chinese A200 artillery rocket system, rather than latest Russian designs.
The Polonez was first publicly released in 2015. As of 2015 at least two of these systems are in service with armed forces of Belarus. It has been reported that full-scale deliveries to Belarusian armed forces will commence in 2016. It has been reported that as of 2015 Belarus operates 72 Uragan and 36 Smerch systems. These artillery rocket systems, particularly Uragan are being increasingly harder to maintain due to their age and worn-out condition. Older systems are being gradually retired. It is worth noting that Belarus also operates a smaller indigenous BM-21A BelGrad 122-mm rocket systems.
The Polonez heavy artillery system carries two pods with four 300-mm rockets each. It is most likely that the Polonez uses Chinese A200 artillery rockets. Each rocket is 7.26 m long and weights 750 kg. The pods are factory fitted and sealed. It has been reported that the Polonez is a modular system, that can also fire pods with rockets of other caliber.
It has been reported that range of fire is 50 to up to 200 km. Rockets have a combined inertial and GPS guidance. CEP is about 30 to 50 meters. It is also claimed that there are 3 different warheads. Comparing with Smerch missiles of the Polonez have twice the range, but likely at a cost of reduced firepower.


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