The Esquadrão Aeroterrestre de Salvamento (EAS) (English: Airborne Rescue Squadron), known by its nickname Para-SAR, is a Brazilian Air Force airborne search and rescue squadron, based in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
The unit has no aircraft of its own and its airborne personnel conduct operations by being dropped from other units’ aircraft. The unit has seven SAR teams located in seven states.
Each Para-SAR detachment is made up of SAR qualified military parachutists. Members of this unit can be distinguished by their maroon berets and orange baseball caps.
The Combat Divers Group (Portuguese: Grupamento de Mergulhadores de Combate), abbreviated to GRUMEC, is a special forces unit of the Brazilian Navy.
The GRUMEC was created in 1974 and is subordinate to the Submarine Force, which provides the primary means of transport for combat diver missions. GRUMEC teams can be transported to the target by a submarine, from which can reach the target by swimming, in kayaks, or in inflatable boats that can be launched from the submarine while it is still under water. The GRUMEC can also reach the target by parachute or helicopter.
The function of the GRUMEC is to infiltrate undetected in coastal and riverine environments in order to perform tasks such as reconnaissance, sabotage and the elimination of targets of strategic value. In this sense it is similar to the U.S. Navy SEALs and British Special Boat Service.
Reputed as one of the hardest in the world, the Brazilian Navy Combat Diver’s indoctrination and training methods are similar to other combat diver units such as the American SEALs, British SBS (Special Boat Service) or the DINOPS (Detachement d’Intervention Operationelle Subaquatique) belonging to the French Foreign Legion. The course is conducted in the MEC Cry.
A member of the force is known as a “MEC”, which is an abbreviation of “mergulhador de combate”, meaning “combat diver”.
The 1º B F Esp
1º Batalhão de Forças Especiais (1st Special Forces Battalion/1º B F Esp) is one of two counter-terrorism (CT) units in the Brazilian Armed Forces (the other being Projeto Talon). The Battalion’s mission is similar to that of the Green Beret units; however, because they have the CT mission, they have modified their organization to more closely follow Britain’s Special Air Service and American’s Delta Force. The SF Battalion falls within the Army’s Special Operations Brigade and is located in Goiânia, state of Goiás.
The battalion is capable of conducting its missions independently from or in conjunction with conventional forces. Battalion troops are trained in jungle warfare at the Army’s CIGS jungle warfare school and in amphibious, mountain warfare, airborne, airmobile and HAHO/HALO operations. They are also prepared for long-range reconnaissance in addition to their CT operations.


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