Danish Special Forces – Frømandskorpset Frogman Corps

The Danish Frogman Corps (Danish: Frømandskorpset) is a frogman corps of the Royal Danish Navy. The Frogman Corps’ primary duty is reconnaissance, but it is also tasked with assaulting enemy ships, sabotage of fixed installations, advanced force and maritime anti-terrorism tasks.
It performs special operations work on land also, including anti-terrorism and anti-criminal work. The Corps supports the police with clearing up criminal matters that demand highly specialised diving. Also, local authorities, etc. can benefit from the frogmen’s skills, for example when underwater installations must be inspected.The Danish Frogman Corps policy is to remain unknown. Members of the Frogman corps are classified as top secret (yderst hemmelig) and their identities are hidden to the best of their ability.
These disciplins are often used in High-Value Target missions or in support for conventional forces. Another role is also direct action, but the unit haven’t so many operator’s so they mostly operates in cover. The unit has been used as recon, gathering and sniper support since mid-90’s in Bosnia and has since 9/11 been one of the Special Mission Unit’s (Tier 1) most preferred support units.
The Danish Frogman Corps is very well known for photos and videos that have been shared around social networks, including Reddit, Tumblr and others. One of the more well-known images is a photo taken after a military exercise. In 2015, a DR-produced documentary detailing the life of Frogmen cadets was released.
Today the Danish Frogman Corps is directly under the Danish Navy’s Operational Command. They are a unit of divers.


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