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Pistol Weapon Mounted Lights

In this video Ben selects 3 weapon light options for your handgun. The Streamlight TLR1, Surfire X300, and the Inforce APL all get a brief overview in this video. Weapon Mounted Lights help us identify targets and place rounds where we want them to go.

The REAL problem with the Full Auto SCAR

We were finally able to get the SCAR in full auto and demonstrate what is the real, fundamental issue with this weapon.
In this three minute review we’ll show you what we think is the real deal breaker when it comes to this weapon.
Please watch original video that highlighted this problem:

Arex AKB15 Assult Rifle Concept

We got an exclusive look at the new AKB15 rifle concept from Arex, a Slovenian defense company that recently release the Rex Zero 1 pistol and now surprised everyone with their vision of the AK rifle.
If you would like to know more, check out their FB page: